realizing desires and making a difference Ultimately, we aim to provide
projects that would exceed
the customer's expectations
At MK Design, we constantly adapt ourselves to provide the solutions our clients need.
the path to greatness is along with others Well integrated teamwork
helps an organisation
achieve its objectives
We believe that the ability to lead a team and work as a team is imperative for its growth
a focus on overall project success Marina Jalil has built her
successful practice around
an artistic vision
The ability to interpret clients' wishes and translate those desires into harmonious interiors

Our Company

MK Design is dedicated to the space planning and landscaping of commercial and residential spaces. Our experienced designers' and interior decorators' objectives are to meet the clients' tastes and needs, and engage them in every step of the design process to illustrate the concept that truly inspires.

International Presence

Being a global firm, we have created the capability to represent clients nationally and internationally. We have completed projects all over the world: Romania, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Italy, Egypt, Iraq, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Africa, England and many more.

Professional services



Develop your dream space specific to its unique intricacies and your needs. We help you draft your concept design and handle any documentation required to expedite approvals and begin your project.

Interior Design

Residential and commercial decor services tailored to fit your unique style and budget. From floor plans to installation, we'll guide you through the design process, sweating all the details so that you don't have to.

Conceptual Design

We are able to undertake different types of projects with diverse criteria ranging from visual-appeal, innovation, to purely-conceptual. Regardless of the project, we are focused on problem solving.
is a calling
MK Design team

Marina Khalil

Marina Jalil, like they call her in Latin America, as she is a holder of the Lebanese and the Argentinian passport, was born on the 16th of April 1981 and since she was a child, was very attracted to art design and colors. This passion has led her, at a later stage, to pursue a career in interior design.

Her studies have started at USEK, and then she pursued a higher education at London Business School and Finance where she studied Project management.

MK Design was established in 2007. MK Design was the bridge of connections between design and client and between creativity and reality.

Given the opportunity to teach at Notre Dame University in Lebanon was one of the nicest experiences. As per her higher education experience in London, she was granted the opportunity to teach Business of Design which was the first course given in Lebanon at that time.

Always on the go and in the process of expansion, MK Design has opened branches in Romania and Argentina in order to serve better its international customers.